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Tired of normal MineCraft worlds?

WorldMaker is a tool that generates MineCraft worlds radically different from what the game makes for you. You can explore an expanse of tiny floating planets, adventure through complex (and ultra-hard) dungeons, or try to survive a vast, unforgiving desert full of ruins and volcanos.

Each world is generated randomly, and each time you run Worldmaker you'll get a new world that no one has had before. Structures and maps are built using heuristics and constraint satisfaction, not templates.

Current generators:

Mystical Islands: An archipelago of magical islands, floating in the sky and hidden in underwater bubbles. Different ores can be found at different altitudes, so you'll have to travel between them to find resources.

Vastwood: In a forest made of giant trees, you'll have to act like a squirrel if you want to survive. Giant mushrooms and stones can get you started, but the ground here doesn't hold many resources. Maybe if you look up? Experts can venture to the nether woods, where even more exotic plant life can be found.

Planetoids: Play in a world made of hundreds of little planets. Explore by building bridges between or try your luck jumping. Each stone sphere is filled with a random ore, and even the nether is made of up its own nether planetoids.

Dungeon Adventure: Starting in a barren canyon, adventure through punishing dungeons, each leading to a portal to yet another world with its own dungeon. Each adventure has four worlds, chosen randomly from nine different world types.

Primordial Desert: In a waste of sand dunes, you'll need to find an oasis if you want to survive. Giant ridges connect volcanos, and mysterious temples lead to underground ruins and cave systems.

Woolpocalypse: A peaceful land of rolling grassy hills with scattered trees and sheep. What could possibly go wrong?

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